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Things to Do:


Berlin - it is a town for communication and creation, English speech is even more frequent to hear rather that Dutch. Since the beginning of 20 century it has become one of the biggest European cultural centers, a hometown for artists, musicians, intellectuals and party-goers. You can choose what to do:  visit classical museum (Neues Museum),where you can enjoy Nefertiti’s bust, or attend the modern theatre production (Theatres - Volksbühne, Hebbel am Ufer), maybe join techno-party in Berghain. It is not easy to get into this party, please consider, that this place works 24h from Tuesday till Monday, so maybe first meet with Berghain better to do in the early morning. On the other hand big variety of bars in Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Mitte districts can give you a company to conversate some intellectual topics on the demand level without ignoring humor.  The must visit place - is Bauhaus, where you can explore the roots of surrounding each of us household items. RAW - is another very exciting place. Storage buildings in the past, which have experienced revival in recent years, now share the place for lots of cool bars and clubs, attracting visitors with still working from 1970s photo booths! State of art spots for cultural spendtime, exploring modern art are: Hamburger Bahnhof, Platoon Kunsthalle, KW Institute for Contemporary Art. In case you have visited everything and need to take a break - go to Spreepark, a deserved amusement park, very authentic spot, where you can think about your way of spending time in Berlin, or something eternal…

Where to Stay:


As for me, it is better to stay with friends, who live in Berlin and must be familiar with all the secrets of cultural and night city life. There are still variety of exhibitions, which opens in squats, and party schedules are spreaded by sms from friends and organizers. If you don’t have such fellows, it is easy to find them on Couchsurfing – you can get a free bnb and best city guide! Of course, if you’re are not ready for such spontaneous meetings, prefer comfort or travelling with you love mate, another option is to rent an apartment on Airbnb or similar service. Maybe, one of the best ways to feel the city vibes – is to put yourself in Berliner’s shoes, to go get fresh pastries in the early morning or Jägermeister for dinner. It is a crime to live in the hotel here, only if you’re not a businessman or politician, which are not interested in life around as usual. But, I saw one good hotel – Arte LuiseKunsthotel – 50 rooms, created and designed by a hundred of local artists. For sure, there is always option to stay in hostel, choose any you like, according to you choice which district go to party tonight.



Try to feel relax and don’t hurry, sleep till afternoon, to have strength for a night walk and new familiarities. It is a city of artistic atmosphere; it really turns you to create! Unlike south European towns, there is a cheerful life rhythm (For a reason Berlin is a capital of Techno music), high level English, what gives you a great opportunity to communicate with  locals and tourists. All this leads you from outside world of attractions, clubs and museums to an inner world of thoughts and ideas. This is how real travel smells! Just walking for no reason in Berlin is a pure joy. You can pick only one backpack or little suitcase to live comfortable here. If your outfit tonight is a nightdress and a puffy jacket – everyone happy to see you. Rather opposite behavior is shown if someone’s going hit the floor with glamorous dress, diamonds and all this stuff, a scornful look of a face control at best send such guys to Munich. Thank to Soviet past, which left a lot of washed up buildings. Now, 25 years later, there are squats and perky clubs. But historical heritage has another big lesson. Walk along the Berlin wall is better to make alone, now it is an art installation, once separated millions of families. This monument reminds us, that ideas shouldn’t separate nations and countries, but only unite them. Today it is still a topical issue, but Berlin and it friendly atmosphere has already gave his answer!